6. “Photoelectrochemical study of metal/metal oxide bronzes (M/AxMO3) systems. Design of a regenerative photoelectrochemical cell (PEC) employing M/AxMO3 as photoelectrodes” (Fondecyt N° 11160851 2016-now). Principal researcher

5. “Metal oxides bronzes as cathode in Microbial Fuel Cells” (2017). Postdoctoral researcher

4. “Potentiometric non-enzymatic glucuse and urea sensors based on metal oxide bronzes nanocrystals” (2016-now). Principal researcher

3. “New pH sensors based on tungsten bronzes” (DAAD 2013-2015). Postdoctoral researcher

2. “A study about the feasibility of assembling a solid-state solar photoconverter/electrical energy-storage integrated cell, employing silicon (n,p) as photoelectrodes and metallic hexacyanometallates (MHCM´S) as electrochemical active materials” (Fondecyt N° 1090217 Dr. Eduardo Muñoz 2009-2013). Thesis student

1. “Electrochemical study of the interaction of Cu12Sb4S13 and EX and DBDTC ions” (Fondeyt N° 1060455 Dr. Paula Grez 2006-2007). Thesis student